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bat boy and the dragon..

What a fantastic Halloween!
A great party where the food was all totally scary (monster fingers and mummie pizza's) and cool games of eat a hanging do'nut without using your hands.
Then trick or treating around the neighbourhood.
I don't think I have enjoyed halloween so much before.
The boys loved being with friends (as did I) and of course LOVED the free sweets!
Soo, how was halloween with you?

(p.s. please excuse the masking tape on the front door - Nope still not finished that bloomin door!)


  1. Sweeeet! Or I should say eek, scarey! You did a great job with the bat costume and I'm loving our South Brizzle boys rocking the dino tails. Halloween with friends is the best. Laura x

  2. How damn fantastic do they look!!
    And even with tape on the door it is looking very snazzy - love it!

  3. Oops, not sure if I managed to post that, phone was playing up. Think I said that you did a great job with the bat costume, and that I love our South Bristol boys rocking the tails. They look so sweet.. obviously in a totally scarey way! Laura x

  4. It sounds so much better than my efforts. They look great. Yes, very scary! x

  5. So cool! I love the last photo! x

  6. What very scary boys! Love the yellow door - couldn't see it was masking tape - thought it was a cool frosting effect. Must wear my glasses more!

  7. Excellent! They look fab... in a trying to be scary but managing cute kinda way ;)

    I think the door looks fab! :)

  8. They look excellent you wonderful woman!

    We don't really make a fuss over here but we did have a few trick or treaters that got the odd lolly or two!

    xo em

  9. Wow, they look great!


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