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the dragon/dino/crocodille party...

Well we did it.
We held a dragon/dino/crocodille party for our now 4 year old Rufus.
It was actually quite okay... 8 boys 3,4 & 5 in ages.. dressed up.
We did dinosaur decorating.  The house is still covered in green glitter.
Pin the tail on the dragon.
Musical statues and musical bumps.
Pass the parcel and generally running around being quite scary.
The boys loved the tails and having their faces painted.
My two looked incredibly scary with their faces painted.
The cake if you can't tell is supposed to be a crocodile...ahem!
One of the boys said it looked like it was covered in slime... yeah....just it eat it!
So that was that.... 4th parties are now over in this house... next one will be a 6th... maybe I'll do that outside somewhere!


  1. All looks great :) The pic of your 2 boys is very sweet :)

    We're long past 4th birthdays here - next ones are 14th & 16th ones!

  2. What a smashing day for the boys and they look so happy in the pictures. I think your cake looks rather yummy. Pop a piece in the post for me Lou!

  3. Yay, well done Lou. Looks like a totally fab party. I'm seeing you tomorrow, yes?

  4. I love the first photo of the boys :)
    Well done of surviving the party, it looks like loads of fun! Filing away ideas for my little man, it's nice to know there are cool boy parties that aren't ALL pirates!! xx

  5. beautiful pics, such a creative party. x

  6. Love the dino/croco/dragon party, great theme(s);)
    Boys are especially cute if they can pull off green scales painted on their faces! X ashley

  7. how fun! looks like they all had a great time! x

  8. I love 4 ... its such a fun age - and that party looks so fantastic. But then I do love a cake and a bit of glitter!!

  9. That looks like it was great fun! You did an amazing job! Well done :) x

  10. looks like a great party! x

  11. Such a great theme for a little boys party - love the face painting!

  12. Oh my, this party looks fabadastic! Dinos and all? A four year olds dream, right! Amazing work Lou - bravo.


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