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WOW - gorgeous beautiful day today.
I am so happy it's Friday.  It's been one long half term.
I have enjoyed craft days with friends, making bats and Halloween masks.  Playing in the park and just hanging out with my sons.
But I am equally looking forward to the weekend... some time to be with Dan, he's been working so hard this week, it feels like we haven't really seen him.
Hopefully this sunshine will continue and we can have a much needed walk through the autumnal woods.
We will this weekend be carving our pumpkins.. I hope they are as cool as last years, all down to Dan's artistic handiwork.
So have a fun filled and happy weekend my lovelies... are you excited about Halloween on Monday... what are your plans and traditions?


  1. Have a lovely weekend and halloween. We've still another 1/2 a week to go before school again here! Hope the good weather continues x

  2. Have a lovely weekend and Halloween Lou. Dan's pumpkin decorations are amazing.
    We're off to a Halloween party tomorrow, we go every year so i guess that's our tradition. I don't get dressed up though!

  3. It was lovely today wasn't it - seems the blog theme of the day is blue skies with autumnal leaves ;)

    Fab pumpkins - I don't think ours will look quite as good as that!

  4. We'll be carving pumpkins, too. I love to roast the seeds and snack on them. Looking forward to a good walk with my camera to catch some of this beauty around us right now.

  5. Fabulous photo! Enjoy your weekend...

  6. i love your photo! not a whole lot of halloween celebrating in australia. it is usually pretty quiet here. enjoy your weekend. xo.


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