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Mr Rob..

He is inspirational isn't he?
Nature and love...
I am lucky to own his season's plates, which I must put up on display.
Too lovely to keep in a box (or eat off!!)


  1. I love his creations, and doesn't he have a beautiful soul.

  2. Ah Rob, how I love thee. So many things of yours I could happily own. Right now I'm wanting a plate to hang on the wall to sit alongside a vintage one I found in a charity shop.

    Maybe it's time to write the Christmas list ... xx

  3. I'm going to meet him tomorrow! He's signing copies of his new book at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I'm very excited!

  4. Ah love Rob Ryan's work. I have the plates too, ready to hang - certainly not eating off of those beauties! One day I'll own a print, just have to save up first! Charmaine x

  5. There is a wonderful humanity about him and his work.

  6. Yes, I have them too, in a box somewhere... am currently doing a list of all the nice things I own which should be on display! But, eating off them, now that's a novel idea!


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