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this weekend...

was filled to the brim.
Mooched around the Lovely Fair, which was held down the road from us.
Ate pain au chocolat and drank coffee outside the deli whilst playing our counting game.
(counting game = pick a subject to spot.  I.e... dogs or bikes or something random like roller skates!, and you count what you see).  Dan chose roller skates, thinking he wouldn't see one.  Half an hour later in a shop, a little girl skated through to much giggling and hi fiving on our part!
Weeded and weeded and dug and sunbathed at the allotment. Oh and harvested many squashes.
Climbed trees.
Chatted and giggled with allotment friends.
Had Grandparents over for supper.
Painted the front door several coats of Yellow paint. (still not finished!)
Made some of these amazing autumn creations (Thanks Cathy for your constant inspiration!)
Went on bike rides.
Picked sloes from hedgerows. Made Sloe Vodka.
Charlie lost his second tooth... the tooth fairy is winging her way here this evening!
Roamed around in the mid October sun.
Happy days.


  1. Sounds like the perfect autumn weekend. Loving your door! x

  2. sounds like a fun productive weekend. love your photos!

  3. All round to yours for a sloe vodka then! Looks like a fantastic weekend you've had.

  4. Love the yellow door! No matter how bad your day, it will always make you smile when you get home. Just enjoying the last of our 2010 sloe gin and hoping to forage enough to make the 2011 vintage. Xx

  5. the door's coming on a treat! x

  6. Love the door! Looking fab! The lady I'm buying my light for has one yellow one left (£70) it's not exactly bargain basement but it is cheap, they're only six months old and come with bulb and coloured fitting. Message me if you want her details xx

  7. Wow, action-packed weekend. It was beautiful on Sunday wasn't it? Your front door looks fabulicious too. Thank you for the name check too.

  8. Loving the door Lou, and your nice, sunny, autumnal pictures. Hope Rufus is feeling better xx


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