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dreaming of a white christmas...

dreaming of a white x-mas (tree) by wood & wool stool
White wood tree from Woodwoolstool
I love this little white tree by Ingrid of Wood & Wool Stool blog. It is just so pure and simple.
It also featured in this months issue of Mollie Makes (which has a free 2012 calendar by the most talented Jeanette) with little toadstalls and pretty decorations adorning it.
If I am to 'invest' this year in a new decoration - it must be this.
I love it.


  1. Hej Lou! Oh how cool! Can't wait to see the Christmas Mollie...
    Thanks for your ♥ little green shed ♥ post about the tree! cheers,

  2. I love that tree too - also love her blog, she is one cool lady!

  3. Awesome tree - and the new issue of Mollie is out? I'm walking to WH Smith now .... xx

  4. ps. you still around Saturday? xx

  5. It's beautiful, so simple but so lovely... gorgeous! x

  6. I wish I had that decoration at my house - its just perfect! I hope you get one.

  7. So beautiful... loving how simple and clean it is too. May have to attempt something similar in the future... not sure my handiwork will look as good though!


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