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Just lately I've been hankering after a bow for my hair.
I had one on my xmas list but for some reason it was not bought.
I love the bright yellow one that Nell makes, she is one super talented knitter!
I also love the many versions of the red one over at Dolly Knits too.
What a great way to brighten the winter days with a bright happy bow upon my head? yes?
Do you think it will suit me?
I love that last pic... what gorgeous girls in their happy bows!
Yes... I NEED a bright bow to get me through winter... just need some funds to pay for it!


  1. why not just knit/sew one from pretty scraps- they look super-easy?

  2. ta-da!

  3. Oh sweet! Yes, I have plenty of wool for this... only problem, I can't actually crochet, so will have to re-think the band bit, but I am sure I can cobble together a knitted version. Thanks hun! x

  4. I like the one second from bottom best! But definitely go for it!

  5. The bow itself is all knitting- the crochet chain is just for the 3 bands. You could just as easily just knit a chain using one stitch, or even just sew the bow onto some elastic. Good luck!

  6. Lou, you would rock the knitted bow! Thanks for the lovely words, you're too sweet xx

  7. Crochet is easy peasy - just go online - that is how I learnt! Beware though it is totally addictive...

  8. Forgot to say - you would totally rock the bow!

  9. hi Lou, you really should make one (and crochet is not too difficult) happy 2012! x ingrid
    and thanks for your sweet comments in 2011

  10. You do need a bow, you do you do!!!

    When I want something I cant afford I seel some stuff on ebay, you should do it!

    xo em

  11. LOVE that yellow bow, I'm a little obsessed with yellow at the moment :)

  12. the yellow one in the first picture is just too cute!!


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