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Christmas crafting with a poorly boy...

Day two of Elving for Christmas.
I had one extra helper today.  Charlie was off school (again) with stomach cramps.  There is a nasty bug about causing sickness.... luckily none of that here (yet), just a painful belly.
So we snuggled up in front of the fire, watched the Polar Express and made glittery trees to hang up later.

If you are a tea lover (and to be honest who isn't right?) head over here and getting entering the giveaway.


  1. Oh, poor thing. I hope he starts feeling better very soon. Although I can't think of anything better when sick than curling up with Mummy in front of the fire x

  2. Oh no not more illness in your house! Liking the glittery trees, they'll look so great up. Hope he's better soon. Can't believe we haven't had sickness yet, we usually have a plague over our house by now!

  3. poor thing- lucky his mummy is so good at entertaining wee ones. Get well soon x

  4. Ooooo ... poor little Charlie, I hope he get better soon.

  5. both my boys have had a vomiting thing. we've been doing lego and making rockets. next time, these xmas trees. perfect. wishing him all better. x
    ps hope you've managed to light the fire by now ;-)

  6. poor little guy. may I just say that his tummy pains haven't got in the way of seriously gorgeous Christmas-tree crafting. x

  7. Nice blog. Fun idea, I have to get to some crafting too...


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