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This December there is a lot going on!
I just had to write it all down to kind of get my head around it...
I have missed my manifesto's...I am going to start up again, it's good to have goals, don't ya think?
What are you up to this month? (except the big day)


  1. oh well done...i think my current manifesto goes on for about 10 pages!!! but in reality it is good to put in to words an achievable list and yours looks very magical for december. i hope you get to enjoy all those wishes. will we get snow on our roofs this month???

    i like to buy a new album of festive songs each year...and am off now to download while i make more notes (a very she & him christmas)


  2. Wow, that's a long list! Mine is looking a little over loaded too... I think we're going to Glastonbury on winter solstice on the way back to Bath for Christmas, Fun! Jethro Tull in the car then?! x

  3. you forgot to add popping up to Swindon with the boys on 20th to watch Elf with us!! ;-)

  4. *Eating Quality Street and watching classic Christmas movies
    *Listening to my hypno-birth CD
    *Nesting, nesting, nesting
    *Crafting, crafting, crafting
    *Washing plenty of teeny baby clothes, nappies and blankets
    *Being with the people I love most
    AND...preparing to have a baby!!! xx

  5. Your list sounds wonderful to me.
    I think once we put our tree up tomorrow and write our letters to Santa I may just have to write a list like this so we make the most of our school holidays and fun Christmas times.
    Have a great weekend Lou!

  6. yes i have also missed your manifestos. they make me think. and then i make my own plans. so keep it up! x


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