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a mid winter stroll upon the prom..

Yesterday afternoon the sun shone brightly and the wind blew strongly, perfect for blowing away the cobwebs and working off the excesses of Christmas.
We took a trip out to Clevedon to stroll along the prom, the last time we were there the weather was more to my liking, but none the less the boys made a beeline to the beach to play their favourite game, splatalob.

Splatalob is basically.... collecting as many pebbles as you can hold, then when standing on a certain spot on the wall and throw the pebbles into the fresh wobbly mud. The mud does make a satisfying squelch and a blancmange style wobble as the pebble hits it.  I found myself shrieking with laughter as we all threw large pebbles in.
Ah simple pleasures eh?

Today was supposed to be an allotment day, I still haven't planted my Garlic yet!!
But it looks like rain, so cosying up on the sofa in front of the fire seems like a better option.


  1. This looks just what I need. But try and get Sam to walk anywhere! Lovely photos and sunshine xxx

  2. We use to always go for a little wander on Boxing Day sometimes to the seaside. Nice to get out and about after the chaos and food of Christmas day.

  3. lovely to get out in the fresh air- I often feel a bit cooper up after a while over Christmas. I was in Bristol today (Cabot Circus with my dad) and the heavens opened!

  4. Ah, looks good, feel like I need some fresh air, but it was grim here today too. Lucky for me my sister planted 60 cloves of garlic for me yesterday... but we've still got a tonne of flower bulbs to plant. Thanks for your lovely comment today!

  5. a nice seaside walk,sounds good to me.
    wishing you a great 2012

  6. Today was a sofa day for me - pj's all day! I only got dressed in the evening to go to a friend's house for dinner! I become such a slob in the holidays...

  7. Sofa is winning everyday for us at the moment as well!


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