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playing around with the tree & camera...

Okay so you know how it is.
Late night, too much sloe gin.
Loving the warmth of the twinkling lights on the tree.
Sooooo I decided to spend an hour working out how to do Bokeh with the lights... so after much giggling and using silly props and faffing around with the fstop.
I finally managed it... looks cosy and slightly magical, don't you think?
Here are some outtakes!:

Have a go with your tree... hours of wasted fun!!


  1. yesssssssss is magical ... I have to practice and learn to get that effect!

  2. i love playing around with camera although i end up weith 1000s of terrible photos to one good one, One day I must learn how to use it

  3. Awww, it's beautiful... I'm hoping I have time to try this over Xmas!

  4. ive been meaning to give this ago myself but time seems to run past, so magical though x merry xmas x

  5. So beautiful! I want to do that!! No idea how though, probably don't even have the right kind of camera for a start! Merry Christmas Lou, hope it's a good one! xxx


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