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wood wood wood

This weekend we finally had our log burning stove installed in the lounge.
A perfect excuse to go our favourite farm (the place where we chop down our Christmas Tree) and fill the car boot with wood.
Nothing more satisfying than an enormous wood pile!
Back home, the boys helped to move their toys from the empty fireplace in the family room, for us to stack our precious well seasoned hard wood logs (oh yes, we have already become wood snobs!).
We cannot wait for the harsh winter weather... bring on the snow!
p.s. the boys made the crowns at their school's craft fair, super Christmasy, don't ya think?

dreaming of a white christmas...

dreaming of a white x-mas (tree) by wood & wool stool
White wood tree from Woodwoolstool
I love this little white tree by Ingrid of Wood & Wool Stool blog. It is just so pure and simple.
It also featured in this months issue of Mollie Makes (which has a free 2012 calendar by the most talented Jeanette) with little toadstalls and pretty decorations adorning it.
If I am to 'invest' this year in a new decoration - it must be this.
I love it.


I woke this morning in need of some exercise, good food and happiness.
We have been ill at home for over a month now, each one of us coming down with one illness or another.
This morning it just got to me... I've had enough!
Charlie is recovering from his ear infection and after being cooped up at home for the past few days we all need to breathe some fresh air in our lungs.
So this morning we took the boys to the new mountain bike track up in Leigh woods... they squealed with delight as they rode round.  The colours of the leaves were gorgeously golden, a real sight for sore eyes.
For lunch we headed back to our neighbourhood for North African Haloumi Skewers in the Souk Kitchen - totally yum.  I love it in there, our new family favourite.
We wandered the market and spotted Rufus' favourite - the bear.
A perfect Sunday.
p.s. I start my new job tomorrow.... eeek.  Nervous and excited at the same time.  New job here...if you in the area do stop by.
Have a great week.

Etsy shop ♥

Brown Retro Coat for Girls.
brown retro coat
Pom pom striped knit hat for boys and girls.
Striped Pom Pom Hat

Apple tree bicycle plate
apple tree bicycle plate
Bunnie papier mache brooch
bunnie papier mache brooch
Hello!  How are we all?
I have a poorly boy - again!
Charlie is off school with an ear infection and is now taking neon yellow banana flavoured anti-biotic's.
I really dislike giving them this stuff, but if it means he gets better, then I must.


Recently I spotted this wonderful shop over on Etsy - Kokoko
The shop is owned by two friends from St Petersburg in Russia and they work together making gorgeous clothes for kids, jewellery and ceramics.
Such lovely things!  Really tempted to get the striped pom pom hat for the boys and maybe the plate for moi!
Go take a peek.

golden bracken and skies

Golden skies this weekend across the West Country.
Seems strange to me, Christmas lights are up in town.
Christmas adverts are on the TV.
I have bought half of my presents already... yet it all seems a bit unreal, I am certainly not in a Christmasy mood, yet.
How can it really be winter solstice in 5 weeks when outside it is warm & glorious.
There are new leaves on my crab apple tree in the garden.  Daffodils in my window box have started to shoot.
Don't get me wrong... not really complaining as we can spend the afternoon up on the Mendips, enjoying the golden bracken in golden sunshine.
But, this weekend we have opened up our fireplace and the first step to installing our log burning stove has been taken.
So by next week we will desperately be wanting to light it on an evening... we just need some cold weather to go with it... or we will be sitting there in the nip!
Have a great week!

polar bear love..

Have you been watching Frozen Planet on the BBC?
If not head over to Iplayer and watch it there... the photography is amazing.
At home we are loving the polar bears, (and the wolves, Bison and Reindeer) but me, it has to be the Polar Bears.
I've spotted a few Polar lovelies on Etsy...

Flying Polar Bear // Original Sketchbook illustration
Flying Polar Bear by Sandra Dieckmann

Fine Art Print 11x16 Polar Bear
Polar Bear by Alice Potter

Embroidery Hoop 'Bear Hug' Polar Bears in Snowflakes
Bear Hug by Kirsty Elson

This last one has been sold.
I've just bought it!
I couldn't resist it's christmasy charm.


In other news...
We have all been lurgied!
A cough and cold and all feeling quite awful.
Hope it will shift itself by tomorrow evening as we are all wanting to celebrate Bonfire Night.
Sparklers and Hot Dogs!
Have a great weekend.

this weeks treasury...

little gifts please me greatly..

Hello!  How are you today?  
I do hope you are all very well.
I have a bit of a cold and cough thing going on... Rufus and I are staying at home today, snuggling up and playing.
I might make us some vegetable soup for lunch if I can peel myself off of the sofa.
(I am not very good at being unwell!)

This weeks treasury is a little collection of lovely things.. perfect gifts for Christmas for your loved ones (or yourself!).
Stay cosy. Have a wonderful day.

not just any old baubles...

Just watched this over here.. (loving the new look to Pip's blog).
Will you be making some this Christmas?
I sure will!