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6yr old goes a buggin

My boy is growing up!
Today we bought him a big boys scooter (JD Bug) for his 6th birthday next week.
His peers all scoot to school and to Beavers, so he was desperate to join in and NOT on his brothers micro scooter (too baby apparently).
This afternoon we went for a scoot along the docks in the sunshine.
One very happy nearly 6 year old indeed.
All ready he's trying to do stunts!


  1. Wowsers- what a dude!

  2. Yeeeeeah, look at him go! Very nice.

  3. Woah, slow down there mr! He looks chuffed with his new toy. Have you had a go? I love a sneaky scootering around the house :) xxx

  4. My 6 yr old boy got a sooter for Christmas and he loves it too!

  5. It looks lots of fun!

    They grow up so fast, fun watching them though.

    I have recently discovered your blog and just love it. What lovely photo's you take and have some allotment envy going on too!

    MBB x


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