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Look at this little man!
I get all emotional when I do.
Charlie was 2 years old here... he is soo cute. (slightly biased, of course!)
We were at the Greenman Festival and he has just been stung by a wasp on the cheek.
Stressful times... but look, he is still smiling - bless him.
And look how blonde he is!
Charlie will be 6 tomorrow.
Those years have flown by.
Charlie you are still a gorgeous boy, bright and confident.

This past year you...

* taught yourself to ride a pedal bike
* became school council for your class
* made new friends
* lost two front teeth
* and grew 4 more (including 2 back molars!)
* started going to Beavers
* can ride like the wind on a scooter
* learnt to read on your own
* have become a great illustrator
* was a greedy crocodile in the school play
* can make the best lego models
* have grown about a foot!
* surprise me beyond belief at your knowledge on the universe, lego and Brunel!
* still give the best cuddles
* make your mummy & daddy so very very proud!

We love you little man!

p.s. I am attempting to make this cake today... wish me luck!


  1. Oh Lou what a gorgeous post and what a little angel! A very Happy Birthday to Charlie.

  2. happy birthday to your boy. six is beyond awesome. x

  3. Happy Birthday Charlie - I hope your birthday is lots of fun!!

  4. What just one lego cake? Surely you need a few to have some fun! Happy Birthday Charlie! If you are checking out houses out this way, pop in for a cuppa x

  5. What a great list, good luck with the lego cake challenge!

  6. bless him, hope he has a wonderful birthday with you and family x where do the years go?...too quickly!

  7. This is such a sweet post! Happy birthday to Charlie and good luck with the birthday cake!

  8. What a gorgeous photo/face! Happy birthday to Charlie - think he is going to make a great six year old! Lego cake will be perfect x

  9. ...and won the heart of a certain little girl! Happy birthday lovely man xx

  10. Cute cute cute, i love his pretty name, it suits him well !

  11. gorgeous lou. 6 hit me like a ton of bricks. v emotional. x

  12. The eyes have it in this photo! What a beautiful boy!

  13. Anonymous20.1.12

    A big happy 6th birthday Charlie - with lots of love and kisses on your special day. You make us very proud!

    Nana and Grandpa

  14. Very cute little man ! ^_^

  15. Oh Lou, you floor me with these lovely posts about your boys. A joy! Happy birthday little man! Xxx

  16. He's gorgeous Lou! I'm only going on my second birthday as a mama (L. will be two next month) but I always find it so emotional. It's crazy how you see time fly when you have kids. Charlie seems like a delightful little boy (how amazing that he can read on his own!!). x

  17. ps: I've repined that Lego cake. It's freaking awesome! My lego loving boy would love this.

  18. Awww, this made me a little emotional... especially the 'greedy crocodile' and 'best cuddles'! Just awww :)


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