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This afternoon it really felt like spring here in Bristol, so after Rufus' swimming we took at trip up to the allotment to plant the garlic.
We rubbed the papery cases of the bulbs revealing plump pink and white garlic cloves.
Rufus helped me to dig the trenches then plant the cloves pointy end up.
We had the whole site to ourselves only the sound of the birds and the distant hum of traffic.
At this time of year the sun barely comes over the hill so our plot is always in shadow. But by high summer these little cloves would have swollen and divided in large bulbs ready for harvest. I cannot wait!
I love it there.
p.s. Em, I did it! Well I said I was gonna do it and I have (the relief !), I feel so much better.


  1. such a beautiful 'spring' like day...lovely that your little man is helping out. lovely post x

  2. Good work- think we might head up to the lottie this weekend- looks fun x

  3. It was a lovely day, wasn't it? Bloody chilly round here though! Good work with the planting too lady xx

  4. Well here in Galicia (Spain) we are having the coldest week of winter .... so you are lucky to can enjoy this little spring in Bristol!

  5. Oh it was so lovely today in the sunshine. Bet your glad you waited a week to do the planting!

  6. what a great day to be at the allotment and nice and quiet as well.

  7. Well done for getting the garlic in. I've been digging at the allotment today myself. It's a great feeling to be working hard in the fresh air. x

  8. That list of yours is shrinking by the day - good on you!

  9. Job done! And a good one too. That's what I need to do now, get on with things and add some ticks to my list.


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