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Last night I went to my first WI meeting.
We had a speaker from Happy City who talked about being Happy and how our happiness and behaviour can have knock on effects to the people we are in contact with during our daily lives.  Not just our friends and family, but the people in the local shop, the sale person on the phone etc.
By being nice, happy and mindful of ourselves we can make positive steps to make the community/world a better place.
Which makes sense right?
She invited us to make a daily grateful diary.  Saying that it is a proven fact that people who daily write down what they are grateful of, can actually make positive steps to a happier life.
So...I am going to try and do just this. I hope to write down on here 3 grateful's at the end of each post.
Just little things that made me stop and think and realise how thankful and grateful I am.
You can join in too if you like.

Today's grateful's:
1. meeting such inspiring, open, friendly women through blogland who I can now call friends.
2. the sunshine after the downpours
3. a neatly stacked woodpile (by my lovely man) so lighting the burner and warming my boys is a breeze.


  1. Very nice idea. I'll give it a go in my diary! It's good to focus on all the small happy things in life rather than the big gloomy things.

  2. lovely post Lou, I've been musing a lot on gratitude myself lately, I was even thinking of a blog post on counting my blessings this morning! it's important to focus on what we have rather than what we don't or can't have, and on what we do rather than what we can't or don't I get older I am finding it much easier to let go of the negative and notice and hold on to the positive. let's spread the joy! Rach x

  3. Lovely post Lou. I have started a list of three page on my blog about a week ago where I intended to list three things I was grateful for every day. Have managed it twice so far but I am grateful that I am not beating myself up about that! (Well trying) I used to keep a gratitude diary a couple of years ago & it really did make a difference. Your WI sounds funky!

  4. I think that is a very true aproach. I have been blogging for nearly 3 years and have found the whole idea of stopping and smelling the roses ethic a real help. At the time there was a lot of unhappy stuff going on in my life and writing a blog and "meeting" lovely people through it has been really wonderful.

    Hope your gratitude diary goes well and gives you a whole new spring in your step.

    MBB x

  5. what a great idea. My life is so much richer for the wonderful world that is blogland.

  6. Lovely, lovely idea! Definitely worth trying... I'm pretty happy I think, though I do veer from extreme eeeek to extreme urrrgh depending on deadlines! ;) Off to think about my grateful things :)

  7. Hi, I just found your blog through Karen, posting about this post. Your words in todays post sum up why I started blogging, and why I named my blog. Thanks for the reminder about the importance of gratitude!

  8. ahh that's what the gratefuls are, had to backtrack to find out, lovely idea. and wise words about the happiness thing. I have found out over the years that the mood of my family is hugely influenced by whatever mood i am in, quite a challenge at times!


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