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monday morning blues...

Good morning all.
Have you had a good weekend?
I do hope so.
We have had a testing weekend to be honest.
The boys have the flu.
High temperatures, aches, coughs so hard they can't sleep.
Very grumpy, tetchy and hysterical at times!
Last night I slept on the floor patting Ru's back as he coughed most of the night.
I was worried he was going to choke.. he didn't obviously.
So... as the snow falls outside, we are all snuggled under a duvet watching children's television.
And here we will stay until it's bedtime again!

p.s. the picture had no relevance to the flu, I just thought it looked sunny and happy - and I love a lacy doily, me!
1. Calpol
2. Coffee (again)
3. Understanding boss!


  1. Oh dear. I hope your boy's get better soon and don't pass it onto you. Take care x

  2. Oh the joys of parenthood! Poor little loves. I hope they get better soon. Finally got mine back to school today after a week off.

  3. I hope they both recover quickly Lou and you all sleep a little better tonight. take care. xx

  4. Oh you poor things, I hope they get better soon and you can get back into normal sleep patterns.

    I love that doily picture - great choice!

    Rach x

  5. Is it really snowing there? Hope the boys get well soon, and love the photograph in the sun!

  6. Hope your poor boys get better soon. And you can get some proper rest. It is hard when our little ones are poorly.

    Have a peaceful - ish duvet day.

    MBB x

  7. Poor you, hooray for an understanding boss though. Stay snuggled x

  8. Oh that sounds tough :( Hope you manage to get some well-deserved rest and don't come down with it too – and I hope they feel loads, loads better v soon! (P.S. You have snow? Wish I had snow!)

  9. Same story here in Wales! I wish it'd just snow properly tho. And get well soon. X

  10. Awwww that doily is very cheery today.....I'm sooooo cooooold!!! I hear you about illnesses, my big girl ( 8 ) is currently catching up on sleep snuggled on the sofa....guess I should be doing the same?!
    Nattie x

  11. good luck with the recovery, hope the sleeplessness and kids tv doesn't drive you too crackers! will message you on facebook with my mobile number, text me if you need anything picked up from shops, can easily pop round while out on my travels! x

  12. The snow and cuddles sound perfect the flu not so perfect. Wishing your little ones better x

  13. What a beautiful image. Sorry your boys are sick with flu and your stuck having to look after them. Hope you manage to keep it at bay and that they are better soon.

    Your 3 things to be grateful of is a lovely finish to your posts : )

  14. oh dear it's no fun! having been kept awake most of last night by a wriggling snuffling 3year old i feel your pain, fingers crossed it's short lived,

  15. Oh no, the poor sausages! Hope they're all bright again soon x

  16. I am liking the new header- it did change didn't it. Lovely anyway. Nothing like snuggling under a blanket when its cold and recovery required! Keep warm, Jx


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