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Day 4.
A stranger.
I found this one a little difficult.
For starters I am sure it means to go out and photograph a person, a person who you don't know.
Well, it's snowing here and there is practically no-one around.
And those who are around are huddled and scurrying by, grumpy.
Not a great time to stop someone and ask to take their photo.
So I thought to myself.
Snow, snow is pretty much a stranger in these parts. We have it once a year - if that sometimes.
Snow will have to do.
Then I spotted the new piece of urban art on the wall in our local green.
This changes every so often to showcase a new artist.
So this and snow are my photo challenge of the day.
1. thick socks
2. roast dinner
3. warm home


  1. It is getting quite deep here. I have mixed feelings about snow - it is all a bit cold and wet for my taste but I do love the look of it! Warm homes are always a good thing to be grateful for!

  2. I often take photo's of stranger's. I can do this without them knowing using my pocket camera. I can often angle it so I dont have to look through it but can still see what I am taking. or sometimes I just take a chance and shoot from the hip so to speak. I dont always spy on stranger's I often spy on members of my family when they are being camera shy. lol

  3. Cool art - some people are just so talented aren't they. And today's grateful's sound wonderful to me!


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