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all about the bikes

We have had the most sunny and bright weekend!
Today we headed back up to the allotment again.
The boys spent the time riding their new bikes up and down the track.
Gosh these boys LOVE their bikes.
What's not to like.
Bright red, mountain bikes, super zippy AND gears (as Charlie likes to tell everyone he meets!).
This is Rufus' first leap up to pedal bikes after riding a balance bike for the past 2 years.
A transition which had little wobbles - he is off and riding, if only he remembers to use the brakes a bit more!
Islabikes are so cool even Daddy likes to have a sneaky go!
Thanks Grampa!


  1. Aww, ace! Love a bright day for going out biking! :) These pics are so cute... especially the one where he's cycling down the path in his blue jacket :)

  2. I so vividly remember how much I loved my bike. It is such a lovely part of childhood. Looks like a great weekend enjoying the sunshine!

  3. Great post - i must get my littlest to learn to ride bike with out stabilizers this year as we always used to go on family bike rides with him in a seat on my hubbies. Then last year he got to big so we bought a rail to attach to the bikes, but to be honest they aren't that great for rides around forest etc. So we hardly went out on them last year. xx


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