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february photo challenge...

I haven't done a manifesto yet for February.
To be honest my brain is mush at the moment.
Finding it difficult holding an 'adult' conversation with myself let alone with anyone else or 'doing' anything in particular other than picking up snotty tissues and changing the TV channel when Tracy Beaker comes on!
So... in desperation of wanting to do something for me, I have decided to take on the photo a day challenge for February.
I know lots of people have just done one for January and it feels like I'm a bit late on this, but for me it's not about when I do it... it's actually doing it!
So here... here is my list of daily photo challenges.
Better charge the camera.
1. Parents generosity
2. The worlds juiciest orange
3. A larger wood stack (thanks Dad)


  1. i saw this last month but didn't take part, so i think i'll do it this month - i love your gratefuls xx

  2. Love this idea, might keep it in mind for some months later this year!


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