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We have made it through the darkness people!
Spring is almost here, March!
Day's are longer, weather is warming and flowers are blooming.
Just look at March last year... we had such glorious weather!
Lot's going on this month.
A few really good days out and meet up's with lovely blogging buddies! Cannot wait.
March is also a busy time at the allotment.. beds to prep, seeds to sow. A bit overwhelming, but we get there in the end. One thing I do want this year is an abundance of insect loving flowers, which will mean lots of cut flowers for the home too.
Also it will be Littlegreenshed's 2nd birthday. Aw terrible two's... I hope not.
So what are your plans this month?
p.s. I've put up my love list again. I missed it. Enjoy. x


  1. I can't believe it's March already. That means Summer is over for us folk in the southern hemisphere! My major priority this month is getting some posters printed, opening my Etsy shop and selling some prints (I hope!). x

  2. What a lovely list! We have a lot planned this month, lots of going away at weekends to see friends, meet babies, have some fun! I am hopeing to grow some chard and herbs this year - my garden is a wreck and we are not ready to get beds up and running so this will have to suffice! Happy birthday too!

  3. love your list! i'm working on a spring manifesto, but breaking it down by month is probably a good idea. i have my veggie garden fairly well planned, but this reminds me that i should figure out how to squeeze some flowers in there as well.

  4. Sweetpeas are on my list too - the only flower i had any real success with last summer. They looked so pretty in a row of jam jars on the windowsill. Lavender is good for attracting bees. We have loads in the front garden and every time i run over it with the car tyre is smells AMAZING.

  5. Today has been glorious! I actually felt the sun on my neck (to the point where it might be a bit burned - oops!). Love your manifesto list Lou, you have a very busy month ahead of you and i can't wait to see your posts from all these amazing activities! x

  6. Oh all this sunshine really gets you looking ahead to the summer doesn't it!
    Have you grown cosmos on your allotment? - they are really easy and insects love them. I grow them every year and then collect the seed at the end of the summer to start all over again the following year.
    But a garden always needs sweet favourite!

  7. We planted sweetpeas yesterday, and tomatoes - after a few days stuck indoors with poorly boys, an afternoon of planting and digging and worm finding did us the world of good! Our tiny garden got taken over by Nasturtiums last year, as I'm a very haphazard gardener, and got a bit carried away with the seeds...we were still getting visits from Bees into Oct/Nov, and the flowers looked very cheerful - though probably a bit of pruning/controlling of them would be in order on your allotment, of your wouldn't be able to see much else! x

  8. Lou, you're just so gorgeous. That's all I wanted to say. x

  9. Aww, I love your love list... it's so positive! And a good reminder too (for me as well!) March... gosh I haven't really thought what I have planned! Need to start thinking of that soon!!


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