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summer holidays...

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I need a holiday!
A proper family holiday like I can remember when I was a child.
We spent our camping summers in Pembrokeshire, Dorset and North Devon.
Weeks of camping in our old metal framed tent.  Dad would spend hours erecting it. Our Yorkshire Terrier, Pip, would be barking madly at everything, it's lead tied to the door of the car.
Mum would say 'go off and explore' - in other words 'stay out of dad's way'!
As a child in the 70's it was wonderful - I loved it.
I have such sunny beach filled memories of it, that I want my boys to feel that same sense of freedom too.

Woolacombe and North Devon springs to mind. Ah Devon Holidays!  The stuff of memories.

I love big open beaches, washed clean by the tide.
Sand dunes to make fires in and explore, sliding down on your bum!
Or Croyde Bay with it's cool surf culture.  Any of it around that way is beautiful.

The only problem I have with camping in Devon is actually the tent!
You might remember I can't do camping when it's raining.
Dan is trying to coax me back to it with the promise of a bell tent much like this one:

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But it's still a tent!  Although a rather pretty one.
Maybe I should join the senior citizens and go caravanning!
Is caravanning the domain of the old or can it be cool?
I dunno...
There must be some cool caravan holidays in Devon surely?

Source: via littlegreenshed on Pinterest

We have 6 weeks of summer to fill... and we must brave the British weather and go.
Any tips?
What do you do for the summer/

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  1. Do a road trip and find somewhere unexpected to stay each night. You can even stay in a caravan for one or two nights. Whatever you do, don't plan too. Much. Go where the day takes you. x

  2. Even I would go camping in that tent! We have a holiday to Byron booked in November... having that to look forward to is what's getting me through winter! xx

  3. i need the same thing lou. BADLY!

    xo em

  4. Does that flash aesome looking tent have it's own heater/fire thingy??! Ace!
    I love a good tent holiday. The mess bothers me a little, but I love it still!
    Kate from Foxs Lane blog made caravanning the most awesome looking thing to do ever! I would love to do that too.
    I say if hubby is promising a tent looking like that swell one pictured, take it and run!

    Have fun!

    Rach x

  5. We have a 4 metre bell tent, and although we still don't go camping as often as we should (damn the rain!) we LOVE it. If you want to be able to get a heater thingy for it you have to go 5 metres or bigger, we would have liked to but decided that it would be so big we wouldn't have anywhere to hang it up to dry when we get home. Ours is big enough for us all to snuggle up in a massive double bed (get self inflating matttresses rather than air beds - warmer and way more comfortable!) and there's a bit of space left around the edges, though we take a little cheap pop-up tent to keep all our food and cooking stuff in, which means we can keep the bell tent reasonably tidy (though nowhere near as glam-looking as the one above!). My main thing is I like campsites with fire pits, what's the point of camping if you don't end up smelling of woodsmoke?
    I would go caravanning, though I worry about being stuck on a caravan site with lots of people all sat in their vans watching tv! We have 'glamped' in a yurt - complete with 2 double beds and a wood burner! - it was fabulous and I would do it again in a flash, but it costs nearly as much for a long weekend as buying a brand new bell tent.

    Phew, sorry if I've rambled on! Good luck finding your dream balance of comfort and adventure. xx

  6. You need to buy a bell tent so you can join our club!
    Emma x

  7. We have quite a bit planned for this summer- really excited, but hoping the rain holds off for more camping! Offer still stands of a roof here if you want it x

  8. Caravanning is TOTALLY cool! (Proof =

    Sadly neither me or my partner drive, or we would have a lovely caravan or campervan to go galavanting with. I can very much imagine you with a beautiful homely little caravan with lots of lovely vintage touches and swoonsome bright fabrics. That bell tent looks awesome too though!

    Sarah x

  9. A tent in the wind and rain of an English summer is a bit off putting but a caravan doesn't feel like it will blow away and can be pretty cool, lots of little sites to stay on and not just for oldies. But I'm nearly 44 so perhaps I'm a bit old!

  10. I am desperate for a bell tent but I'm not sure if we are camping again this year so have my eyes on next year. Rainbow made me laugh because we plan to take a little tent with us for the boys not the food! We managed to camp at half term - you just have to go somewhere dry on wet days. I say all this knowing that we are off to Ireland this summer. We are in a cottage there -weather wise way too risky to camp!

  11. I'd love to give campaing a go but it's difficult without a car, what with all the stuff you need to carry and the fact that the best camp sites are probably miles away from anywhere. But I don't think I'd want to do it for my main summer holiday. I like my own bathroom, a comfy sofa and somewhere to keep dry when it rains, so we rent a cottage. A decent caravan might be a compromise between the two.

  12. I'm having similar concerns here. I normally love nothing better than a good old camping trip, but the idea of staying in a tent with a very active 9 month old who doesn't sleep? Hmmmmm, doesn't shout enjoyable family holiday to me...
    Caravanning however, may just be the way forward. Let's make it cool!
    Jude xx

  13. Bell tent lust. Honestly, I don't think you would ever regret owning a bell tent! It is so easy to put up and such a lovely atmosphere inside. I even put one up in the local park last year for my daughter's 6th Birthday, She had about 7 friends and we had loads of fun, even though it rained! I am a little camping obsessed though, so I might not be entirely unbiased. Anyway if you need a little persuading have a look at my blog, I review campsites with campfires, mostly in the South West. Lots of pictures too. You won't be able to stop yourself!


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