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Cornwall part 1 - National Trust, Trengwainton

This holiday we made full use of our National Trust pass.
When the heat of the sun became too much for the beach, most days we headed to the cooling canopies of a National Trust garden.
Trengwainton was the first on our list.
With it's promise of a walled kitchen garden and large exotic woodlands... it didn't disappoint.
It is beautiful.
Large tree ferns mixed with banana plants and hydrangeas in the colours of many a blue rinse.  Gave inspiration to imaginative games of dinosaurs, crashing through the dense vegetation.
Pooh sticks were launched off the little bridges and raced after down the streams.
The kitchen garden was where my heart was led... rows of neatly planted vegetables with companion plants of nigella and nasturtiums.
Pom pom headed dahlias and wildflowers a plenty.
Good for the soul.


  1. Totally gorgeous - it sounds like my kind of place.

    Happy holidays

    Nina xxx

  2. Looks beautiful. Another to add to the list. Walled kitchen gardens are my very favourite type of garden. They make me feel peaceful somehow - they speak deeply to the homemaker in me.

  3. Beautiful pictures it looks perfect, I'm already planning my trip! The teeny tiny dahlia is so sweet! x

  4. Yes, a fab garden. I used to live in Penzance and so had many a lovely visit. Ann x

  5. Sweet Caroline31.7.12

    Trengwainton Gardens look fab - why haven't we been there yet?? I bet the boys enjoyed hiding in the tree ferns a great place for a game of 'Prehistoric Park'!! A definite must for our next trip to Cornwall!!

    Great narrative and photos Lou!!

    Luv M

  6. I love that garden too, the views are amazing just past the house. We saw a group of guinea fowl when we were there in June, it took all my might not to pick one up and run off with it! x


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