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Sunday we were promised sunshine.
It peaked out for a bit.
Then hid behind some rather big clouds.
At least it didn't rain.
We headed out to the Chew Valley.. for strawberry picking.
Charlie LOVES to pick strawberries.
We've been coming every year since he can remember.
These gorgeous ruby red berries will be turned into summery jam...  with a little left over for fruit salads for a pre-school graduation party and an end of Year 1 party... gulp!
If you go - wear wellies. I forgot mine and my poor sandals were covered in mud.

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I am off on Monday.

loving 8tracks... go see.


  1. Going on sunday - apparently I used to go there all the time when I was little ! Hoping to start a little summer tradition for us now !

  2. Gorgeous pictures Lou. We picked raspberries yesterday but more went in mouths than the punnet. Just as well I work there! x

  3. Such lovely photos and I spy some excellent salt water sandals too! And then I noticed my flowers photo and realised you'd posted my 8tracks album... thanks! ha :)

  4. Yum! Strawberry picking is one of my fave things to do in the summer! My mum said that when I was little she used to plonk me at one end of a row of strawberries, go off to fill her punnet and collect me at the other end...happy and full :)

  5. Oh those strawberries look divine!! what a fun day out! xx

  6. Oh I want to go strawberry picking now!

  7. Oooh lovely, any chance of you telling us your recipe for Jam,? Enjoy reading your blog


  8. Big love for strawberry picking in this house too. One of those "wholesome" family activities that I actually really enjoy doing! Except the rain has ruined them all now so it'll be raspberries next time.

  9. gorgeous snap shots of a lovely family ritual. Nothing beats freshly picked berries! x


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