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tuesday treasury...

Instead of my usual showcase of Etsy beauties... today I am going to show my own Etsy shop.
Please indulge my vain carryings on!

Here is just a selection of the most popular postcards.

*secret! shhh*
I am busy working on new prints and cards.
Plus in the pipeline... some necklaces and brooches!
Whoop!  You will just have to wait til after the summer holidays for those.

Speaking of holiday... I am off to Cornwall next week.  I cannot wait!
Fingers crossed for some perfect beach weather.
In the meantime there is 20% off in my shop....
have fun!



  1. Love it all! I need one of those prints!! We're off to Cornwall next month, here's hoping for some sun xx

    Ps. The cardi is ready so let me know your address lovely xx

  2. So much loveliness! Looking forward to seeing your new goodies! x

  3. Yay for your gorgeous prints!!

  4. I love your work Lou. Have I picked up hints about butterflies in a couple of posts? I have a longing for butterflies at the moment so I am hoping...Cant wait for the new work reveal. Those necklaces & broaches sound tempting and I haven't even seen them yet...x

  5. These are amazing! x

  6. beautiful prints, i am sure one would look lovely in my little cottage xx


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