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How was your weekend?
Good I hope....
Lots went on here..
Friday evening the sun shone and we headed up to Bristol Zoo for a sunset special.
This means the zoo was open late til 10pm with a band and special talks on the animals.
But there was only one thing on my eldest's mind.
He has been desperate to do Zooropia - since it arrived at the Zoo a couple of years ago.
We had thought he was too young... but now he is 6, this was the time.
(plus Dan was with us, so if he got stuck he could climb up and grab him!).

Oh my!
I am so proud of my boy.
He strongly and steadily tackled the obstacle course 5 metres above the ground.
There were a few heart stopping moments for me... but for him it was a breeze.
Actually stopping mid section to take in the far reaching views of Bristol.
At the end it finished with a long zip wire... Charlie swooped down, and jumped up with a YEAH!

My boy felt - EPIC!
A great day indeed!

Oh I am off on holiday to Cornwall in a weeks time.
For the week up to then I am having a little SALE 
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20% off everything.
Please use the code - HOLIDAY20

Oh and check out his shoes... yes his Khaki coloured Jonah and Girl pumps helped him round his epic adventure.  Get yours here.


  1. Well done Charlie! That looks amazing. I love that shot of him taken from below - incredible! x

  2. Anonymous16.7.12

    WOW - Charlie that was incredible!!! You never cease to amaze me!! Well done - I bet the view of Bristol (and the Zoo) was amazing.

    What's the saying Lou "Show me the boy at seven and I will show you the man" (In this case six and a half years!!).

    Luv M

  3. I love Bristol Zoo but haven't been in ages. Last time I think Finn was too young to go on the zooropa. Must go this summer.

  4. Well done Charlie! At 6 you are much braver than I am. I did something similar a few years ago and was such a wimp - I didn't even finish the course! x

  5. oh blimey, that 2nd bit was pretty terrifying! lovely photos x

  6. Wow that looked fun and just a bit scary! He looked so small up there! Brave little boy : )

  7. Fantastic - what a little hero! I wish Bristol Zoo had been like that when I was little - it looks ace! Photos stunning, as usual Lou! Xxx

  8. What a fun place .. and the boys are very brave!!
    Enjoy Cornwall - we had hoped to visit there while we were over and I had SO hoped that I would be lucky enough to meet you too - time just slipped away from us so quickly,
    Maybe next time x

  9. Brilliant- i want a go!

    Lucky you going to Cornwall, are you yurting again?

    I haven't ben in touch much as my laptop is off at PC woprld being repaired, so can only log in for short moments from work. Speak soon x


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