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Etsy Shop Love - Meghann Rader

Timber Brooch in Grey and Graphite - Hand Drawn Forest Jewelry

Sketched Bear Pencil Drawing - 6x8 original artwork on wood panel

Canopy Necklace in Grey and Graphite - Hand Drawn Tree Pendant with Brass Chain

I think it must be the changing of the Season, but recently I am being more and more drawn to images of nature. I discovered Meghann's work on Etsy a few months ago, but have been saving it to show you all much closer to the end of Summer.  I think her drawings have an almost Wintery appeal, don't you?.  Hop over and have a look.  I love the top brooch... it would look wonderful pinned to a grey wool winter coat.

Have a great week... (our last week of school holidays, boo!)


  1. I really like your Etsy shop love series, you're always finding such great shops!

  2. Love the texture and the simplicity of black and white tones rather than the use of colours! Thanks for sharing xxx

  3. Thanks for sharing. I took a look at her shop, love it!

  4. What a great find ... it reminds me of my honeymoon in Canada .. thanks so much for triggering the oh so happy memories ... just found you via Goodnight Prudence ... your blog looks lovely ... just joined your happy followers ... Bee xx


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