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Large Vintage Coral Specimen Piece

Vintage Enamelware and Graniteware Collection

Vintage Sign / Decal
Vintage Lucite  Mid Century Industrial Sign Letter - e

Thank you for all your kind comments on my new series of postcards... I am chuffed to bits! For those who have ordered them - they are on their way.  I have had to re-order another lot from the printers, YAY!  Tell me, I was asked if these postcards could work as prints, I suppose they would... what do you think?

Anyway.. what do you think of the above items?  They are all from an Etsy shop called Ethanollie.  The shop is based in super cool Portland, Oregon. I am loving the vintage look of everything and personally  I am on the look out for some enamel kitchen wear for my own kitchen.  It is just classic and works with any style of home.  Timeless.

Although I don't agree with Coral being taken from the Oceans, I can't help but love this specimen.  It is rather special isn't it?  And that sign, just reading it makes the rebel in me want to roll around on the grass! Does it you?


  1. I like the postcards and think they'd work well as prints. A4 size would look great framed. I'm also on the look out for enamel wear, have you seen Labour and Wait? They have a lovely selection.

    1. Hi Jen, thanks yes I might have a go then. Yes I love Labour and wait - dream stuff there! x

  2. some of your photos as prints, yes please...

  3. I love enamel - even when it's gone a bit rusty and scratched. I picked up a bowl at my local antiques and plan on using it as a salad bowl.
    Also, I am looking for a good printer for my work - who do you use for your postcards? Thanks!

    1. Hi Carolyn, I use Great service and quality. Try them. x

  4. Yay, go for prints as well, they'd look great.

    Ahem, I see a rawther fabulous looking sponsor on the right!!! Is that anything to do with the previous post???

  5. Yes for prints. A4?
    Beautiful shop...pretty old things are the best : )


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