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life lately & new things...

Just lately life has been a whirlwind of craft, days out and lounging under trees (well maybe the last bit wasn't such a whirlwind - more like some much needed mummy time out!).  These summer holidays have been long and quite frankly brilliant - (apart from the odd bickering and moaning day) I have loved it so much!.


In the evenings I have also been working on my other life!  I've recently made some more postcards.  Every body loves a postcard right?  A little piece of prettiness.

This one is Blossom Geo.  There are 4 cards to choose from, or have them all!  All available in my shop.  

I have some quite beautifully amazing and exciting news coming up in the next month.... so big fingers crossed I can pull it off!  I do hope so.  Lots of nights working on new products... watch this space!


  1. I seemed to achieve nothing in the school holidays other then keeping the peace and keeping the house almost clean so congratulations!
    The cards look great.
    Looking forward to next month.

  2. love those new postcards Lou, I like the pops of colour x

  3. The new postcards are great! (And looking forward to hearing your big news too!) x

  4. Lou I love these new postcard designs, a perfect combination of colour, nature and graphics. Look forward to hearing your big news.

  5. Love that postcard, I am going to check your shop : )


  6. The postcards are beautiful!

  7. These look great Lou - would they work as bigger prints too?

  8. Your new postcards are so different, rrally lovely Lou. I'm saving this month to buy on print for my little cottage x


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