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nature in the home - a series

I love these blue cornflowers casually placed into a simple glass vase on the window.
The knitting just left there, waiting to be held again.
This is the home of Mamzelle Titoo - Laetitia has such a beautiful home in northern France, it was difficult for me to choose just one image for this post. You should hop over to her blog.. you will find gorgeous images of her home and life in France.
Laetitia also happens to be a talented ceramic artist.  We recently did a little swap, she took my Zig Leaf Print in Peach and I was lucky enough to have these. I think I got the better deal, don't you! 


  1. I love cornflowers, I had them in my bouquet at my wedding last year. They're so papery but vibrant, thanks for sharing :)

  2. The cornflowers are lovely. Kellie xx

  3. Ah, yes to all this! And I like the Zig Leaf and mugs equally. They'd sit nicely together, too.

    Emily x

  4. Beautiful cornflowers, and the picture is lovely : )


  5. Many thanks Lou for this lovely post and to choose my home for this series !! ^.^
    I think I got the better deal too because I love your Zig Zag Leaf print ♥
    Laëtitia xx


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