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Roll up roll up, prepare to be amazed...

Yesterday in glorious August weather we drove northwards to Gloucestershire... searching for a big top.
We were in for an exciting time, we had tickets for Giffords Circus.

I have known of Giffords for many years but up until now have never been.  I had always thought the boys just weren't old enough to fully be wowed with it.  Yesterday was the time.

Driving through Minchinmapton with its butter coloured cottages festooned with bunting we knew we were stumbling upon something altogether magical. Rounding the corner onto the common we were greeted by the sight of burgundy coloured vans and trailers of the circus and pure white big top.  Organ music was playing and air of anticipation was around.  It was was such a perfect summers evening on Minchinhampton Common. The sunlight casting long shadows, the bell ringing from the church nearby.

We treated ourselves to a Winstonsices ice cream each and entered the tent.  Once inside we took our seats around a small saw dust covered ring. During the 2 hour performance we clapped, cheered, laughed, gasped, booed, ooo'd and aaah'd - we were treated to juggling, acrobatics, tight rope walking, horses, geese, birds, clever dogs, tap dancing and the funniest clowns.

I won't go into much detail of the individual acts as it will spoilt it for you when you go!  And you really MUST go! Giffords Circus is a national treasure, something you have to experience in your lifetime and is most definitely part of an English Summer.

What I will say is our favourites as a family... Rufus - Goose, Charlie - Tweedy, Dan - Juggling, Me - Bird Lady.

Giffords Circus runs until September 16th at locations throughout Gloucestershire. For more information please check out their website or call the box office on 0845 4597469.



  1. Looks like it was a lovely day -- almost like something out of the 1930s. Very glad to have discovered your lovely blog; am following you now :)

  2. Glad you had fun! Was up the road from us a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't stretch our budget to go, sadly. Like you say though, maybe P isn't quite old enough to appreciate it yet x

  3. What a lovely day! Looks like a lot of fun. I can't wait until Nora's old enough to go to the circus!

  4. that shot of the big top from across the field.....stunning! Circus nostalgia! x

  5. Oh Lou ... How wonderful is that circus!!
    I loved the Bird lady too, she made me laugh so much.
    So happy to hear that you got to go and see it!
    It was the highlight of my trip to the UK.

  6. Oh wow, looks amazing! I haven't been to the circus in years... x

  7. Looks wonderful, making a mental note to go!

  8. Hi Lou, haven't been in touch for what feels like ages. Too much non-blog stuff taking up my time! Anyway, I'm unintentionally following you around this summer - off to the Minack next week and we are booked for Giffords on Bank Holiday Monday - I CAN'T WAIT! Must try and meet up soon with the boys - how about going to the planetarium?


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