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first day at school...

So that day came.
He was oh so excited and I couldn't help get caught up in his energy.
He skipped to school, madly waving at friends and announcing the world he was wearing his uniform.
He ran inside without a backward glance, playing duplo and cars with friends.
I stood that waiting for a hug or some kind of ceremonious handing over of my baby... but there was none.  So out I shuffled.  Luckily Dan was with me for moral support.  (only a few tears were shed at home).
At pickup he loudly shouted - 'Oh no!' 'I don't want to go home!' - great!  Other parents found this hilarious... what does that say about me?
Rufus then showed me the climbing frame and proceeded to show off doing stunts and hang like a sloth!
So that was that... he cannot wait to get back there again today...
My baby has grown.


  1. Glad you managed to try out the photo idea, brilliant isn't it.

  2. He look so handsome and happy, I'm glad everything went very well : )


  3. As hard as it is on us - its much easier if they just stroll into school :) He's looking very grown up :)

  4. Go Rufus! Lovely photo. I'm glad he was happy to go - just think how much harder it would've been if he'd not wanted to go. I remember when I handed over my eldest last year, I had to force myself not to say "look after my baby"! x


  5. It's called 'secure attachment,' Lou!! It means that as a parent, you are doing pretty well. Rufus is obviously happy, confident and raring to go!! x


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