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Happy weekend...

It's once again Friday... it comes around quick doesn't it?

We've been full of sickness this past week.  Not me (thankfully).  Rufus woke on Sunday night, standing by my bed. He said he didn't feel well. Next minute I am dodging a full case of tummy upset (all over my bed!). Erghh... so he missed the first 2 days of reception.
Charlie has been off school yesterday and today with stomach cramps - I think his body is fighting the bug, as no sign of the sickness as yet.  But if a 6 year old boy puts himself back to bed for a  couple of hours mid afternoon, then something is not right.
Dan - well Dan is off sick too. Last night my poor love spent most of it in the bathroom.


It will pass.
In the meantime.. I have my family home and around me. I am playing nurse and we are watching lots of movies and playing lego.

I am hoping for some respite tomorrow... Saturday's are the day for fun, shopping and adventure!

Speaking of shopping... I just love this image of the general store.  I would love to have a little shop of my own (I know I have my online shop), but a little shop with a bell that goes DING every time some one comes in. I would sell little potted succulent plants, bees wax candles, rolls of linen napkins, pretty postcards, stationery, cosy hand knitted socks, ... ah yes a girl can dream.

So... enough about dreaming and poorly beloveds... what you are up to on your Saturday?
If any of you are off to Renegade Craft Fair - enjoy (wishing I was with you!)

In other news.... My pal Kerry is having a solo exhibition at the Lomography Store in Soho - launching this evening.  There is a little party there tonight 6 - 9pm.  Her show run's until 28th October.  So please pop in and see her beautiful work!  Alas I cannot be there... but please give her a squeeze from me. x



  1. Hope everyone gets better soon, and your little shop sounds dreamy, would love one too :)

  2. Gosh poor you guys hope everyone feels better soon.
    Love the shop image too!

  3. Gorgeous photo of Rufus below, I hope your household has a speedy recovery and, yes, that corner store would keep me very happy indeed! :)

  4. Have a lovely weekend!!


  5. I would love a real, with a bell type shop too! Hope everyone is feeling better soon! xxx

  6. Oh no, that's too much illness for one household! I hope everyone gets well soon. I am going on a knitting course tomorrow, and I am VERY excited. I may actually learn to knit properly!!!

    If you opened a shop like the one you described around the corner from me I would totally shop there. Have a great weekend. xx

  7. Dreaming is a wonderful past time, and that little shop with the door that goes ding is totally worth dreaming about! Hope all is well with your family very soon.

  8. Oh I think I had that bug too! I thought it must be something I ate since I don't know anyone else with a bug, but I guess there is something going around. Mine came and left pretty quick - Hope you're all better now!


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