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last sunday...

Last Sunday we visited Bath with our good friends and neighbours to spend time in the Museums.  Our main reason for the day trip was to visit the Holburne Museum and to experience Colourscape.

We arrived early on Sunday morning.. the sun was already high in the sky, making the colours inside really vibrant.  We were lucky enough to have a guided walk through by a friend of Sam's who worked there. He explained that there are only 4 colours in the structure of colourscape. Grey, Blue, Red and Green. But how light is sent through these colours and how our eyes see them, they give off the colour of the rainbow.  It was fascinating. Standing in the red area made us feel hot and agitated, but once we moved through to a cooler looking green/blue we felt calmer.  

The children ran and played, discovering the centre chamber, where we all stopped for a while to take in the hauntingly beautiful music of a single operatic voice and a cello.  It was a beautiful, slightly trippy experience inside there. And something we won't forget in a hurry.

Outside the world was bright.  We played for a while in the gardens behind the Holburne Museum,  enjoying the cooling shade of the follies and trees.  Launching leaves off the bridge and having races.  Our tummies reminded us it was lunchtime so on we walked back into the centre of Bath.

We stumbled across another museum which housed an exhibition of automata by Robert Race.  Beautiful hand carved and constructed sculptures made from beach combed items.  I fell in love with the Moon Priests. Small delicately carved men with snail shell hats, rowing to the moon... stuff of beautiful dreams.  Melanie and I stood there for a while wishing we owned it. Slowly turning turning the handle make the little priests row.

The automata exhibition is on until tomorrow.  Sadly the Colourscape has now finished in Bath.. but I am sure it will be somewhere near you soon.

I love day trips with friends.. good times.


  1. Looks like you had fun, we need to go back to the holburn soon...

    Ben's mum works in the Victoria Gallery!!! C

  2. it looks so amazing lou. been googling away but can't find where it's travelling to, only individual museums where it's already been. will keep looking. x

  3. Hey Lou -good times indeed and this is a very nice record of it all (luckily your pictures came out a tad better than mine!!) was definitely one of those magic everything works out days.

  4. We chanced upon the Robert Race exhibition a couple of weeks ago and were delighted by the simple charm of his automata. One of them reminded me of my Dad! Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to be able to describe oneself, as he does in his passport, as a 'toymaker'?


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