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Nature in the home - a series

I love this kitchen.
Just the right hint of vintage, with soft subtle hues.  It's so pretty.
That large plant on the window sill wouldn't stand a chance in my home. Rufus would have it knocked off in an instant.. flailing his arms doing kitchen dancing!
And the little plant up on the shelf just lifts the eye up to the quote on the wall. I wish I knew what it says..(sigh).
If anyone can translate? Please?

Unfortunately I cannot find the original source of this image - if you know please tell me so I can credit it.


  1. I love the writing on the wall, personal touches like this always make a room if you get it right x

  2. Kein Wesen kann zu nichts zerfallen!
    Das Ewge regt sich fort in allen,
    Am Sein erhalte dich beglückt!
    Das Sein ist ewig: denn Gesetze
    Bewahren die lebendgen Schätze,
    Aus welchen sich das All geschmückt.
    j.w.goethe, 1829

    here is a very free translation:
    no being can fall apart to nothing
    the eternal continues in everything
    to be maintains you happy
    to be is eternal: than laws
    keep/conserve the living treasures
    from which the space is adorned

    I read this poem for the first time and it it so beautiful!

  3. I'm infatuated with this kitchen too! Soft and natural...but with little quirks like the blue china and wall scribbles, dreamy!


  4. I love the writing on the wall - something I've been wanting to do in our home for a while - but what to say!

  5. I have put some lovely greenery in a jam jar by my sink since seeing these images, it does really lift the room. thanks x

  6. Love this. So simple yet effective xx

  7. I love this. I have wanted to bring a few small plants inside - I think this has finally give me the inspiration to do so! I was very intrigued by the poem too (my family is German) and searched for a translation. I found one here: Scroll to the bottom of the page - it isn't a perfect translation but the meaning is still there.

  8. Anonymous28.9.12

    There's a beautifu ltranslation by Mildred Harnack-Fish:

    No being can to nothing fall.
    The Everlasting lives in all.
    Sustain yourself in joy with life.
    Life is eternal; there are laws
    To keep the living treasure’s cause
    With which the worlds are rife.

    Really beautiful picture, great choice of poem. Hen x


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