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♥ NEW ♥ - In the shop

Thank you everyone for such positive support of my new shop and postcards.  I am overwhelmed by it.  I have been asked by many of you if I could turn a couple of the most popular cards into A4 Prints.

Ta Dah!  Your wish is my command!

A4 print of Blossom Geo & Yew Geo.

There is still chance to use that lovely code too - THANKS15 at the checkout - pop over to the shop to see. Offer is on until tomorrow.

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend...I am off to pick Charlie up from a birthday party.. (think over excited 6 year old full of sugar! - eek!).


  1. You made a feather postcard into an a4 print for my sister, Anna, and it looked gorgeous hung on her dining room wall with two other prints by you. x

  2. LOVE your cards! & blog


  3. oh I now "need" on of these, but which one? xx

  4. Oh yes, can we have one of those? Have fun tomorrow!!

  5. These are beautiful but am totally in love with the nettle - when do you hope to get that one in. When you do one is definitely coming to Malvern!

  6. Gorgeous : )

  7. Congrats on your A4 prints. They look great.


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