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Last weekend Rufus was invited by his good friend, Wilfred, to celebrate his 5th birthday party.  Wilfred's  party, just like Ru's, was held up in Leigh Woods.  Unlike our crazy Indian adventure, Wilfred's was an organised party - all about woodland survival.
Set in the Forest School clearing - the children made their own tribal jewellery, followed a treasure hunt to find the food, made goblin dens, and had the perfect morning.
Rachel , the leader, gave them each a  potato peeler so they could whittle their own sticks for the fire.I loved watching these small boys bond over sticks and marshmallows.
Woods, 5 year old boys and a fire - what more would they want?


  1. Well I think I would have loved that too and my two boys even though they are now 18 and 13. Lovely to have such a great place so close to home. Karen x

  2. That's such a cool idea for a party!
    Hope he had a ball

    Rach x

  3. Sigh...i love lil boys adventuring! I have 3 boys, the oldest nearly 6 and the only present requested, hinted at or wanted by the boys are the solar powered/wind up long life torches...we have been giving them as presents for ever...maybe I need to throw a peeler in the pressie too! Great idea! (summer here in Aust. now so will have to wait for a while before we light anymore fires!)

  4. Brilliant, Max went to a Forest School party last winter, it's such a lovely idea - I love Leigh Woods! x

  5. What a great idea for a party ... love all this back to nature activity ... so much better than mental indoor soft play areas :) ... Bee xx

  6. This is awesome!! great idea!! all those cute kids together, lovely!


  7. Rachel is a dude - I met her on a weekend away a few weeks back. Bet you had a great time x

  8. That looks awesome. I love the expression of wonder on their little faces - they are totally captivated! x


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