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I love that little squash - sadly his days are numbered. Only 3 more days til Halloween when he will be carved into all his spooky glory and then devoured in a roasted vegetable soup!
The leaves in the bottle are from our conker trip, we love to collect the pretty colours, but once home I struggle to know what to do with them.  They soon crisp up and turn brown.  Ah well it's an excuse to find more.  I will try to make this beautiful garland one day - I just can't seem to find the time at the moment!
How do you bring the changes of the season into your home?


  1. I celebrate the change of seasons in our home by having of my 1970s Althea seasons books on display by the front door. The illustrations are fantastic.

  2. Beautiful autumnal colours. I love that squash too. He looks perfect to be carved and roasted!

  3. Its amazing watching your seasons whilst we are heading into spring in the garden in Melbourne. Your photography is beautiful. I blogged you this weekend take a look a reading list at Http://
    Looking forward to week 3 of blogschool.
    X mummafox

  4. Such a stunning display - less is definitely more xo

  5. Aw, lovely - glad that little Campari bottle went to such a loving home!

    I collected loads of leaves on Saturday from our park trip - will be attempting something with them soon, although they're being pressed in the leaves of the biggest book we own right now. But we also found a teeny, tiny acorn, so my boys are hoping for a visit from Scrat of Ice Age. I'm less keen...

  6. Lovely display - simple, seasonal and effective.


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