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Shop love - From my bear hands

Hello lovely people!
Every Tuesday I am lucky enough to work in Paper Scissors Stone Volume 4 - an artists temporium here in Bristol. You might remember I mentioned it here.
So each Tuesday I leave my 2 boys behind and scurry over to the most beautiful of shops... I really do love being there.  Gorgeous artwork, ceramics, jewellery and clothing - fill the shops shelves.  The best artists, makers and creatives that Bristol has to offer.  It really is a shoppers heaven.
On a Tuesday afternoon I am joined by the lovely Sally Haysom who illustrates and makes the most beautiful jewellery.  You can see some of my favourite pieces above.
Lovely aren't they?
You don't have to live in Bristol to buy Sally's work she has an Etsy shop too!  Go see.
If you'd like to pop along to Paper Scissors Stone - we are open every day from 10am-6pm - this Volume will end on 25th November. The shop is in Quakers Friars (Near Cabot Circus), next door to Howkapow!
Come and see us.


  1. The girl with the balloon is so cute! Have a lovely day x

  2. aww this is a lovely post! i LOVE being there too, kinda dont want it to end!
    hope youre well :)

  3. Today I would happily sell my two for a day in lovely shop like that! Love the birdie necklace, beautiful work x

  4. I love that bear, is beautiful!!


  5. The flying Blue Tit has just gone onto my Xmas list, Love it!!! And I wish I could spend a day a week in a shop as lovely as Paper Scissors Stone, perhaps someone would like to open one in the Essex area? And more specifically the Southend area???! Or maybe I should re-locate?! X

  6. Love that blue tit necklace. Wish I lived in Bristol and could come and look at all the lovely things! x


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