Seasonal Rituals // Advent Calendar 2012…

Advent calendar littlegreenshed blog 2012
This year I decided to make my own advent calendar – little packages of excitement to open every morning.  I’ve had so much fun doing it, thinking of cheap and different things for each day.

Advent calendar littlegreenshed blog 2012

Here’s how I did it:

First I thought up what would come on each day… on some days there is a definite activity/surprise happening. So I wrapped up something that would signify it.

My list is as follows:

1. Something to read (new small book)
2 Chocolate Coin
3. Tattoo
4. Chocolate Coin
5. Dinosaur glider
6. Lion & Wolf (going to Longleat to see Father Christmas and the Animals)
7. Picture of a Cat & a Fiddle (going to the Theatre to see Hey Diddle Diddle)
8. Chocolate Coin
9. Christmas Cards (the boys can write them to their friends at school)
10. Tattoo
11. Chocolate Coin
12. Lego Mini Figure
13. Lego Tree (choosing and cutting down our Christmas Tree)
14. Lego Mini Figure
15. A sheet of tracing paper (to make snowflakes for the window)
16. Train tickets (going to Bath on the train with Grandparents to the Panto)
17. A bauble to go on the tree
18. Popcorn (watch the Polar Express)
19. Badge
20: Tea Light (to make Solstice Lanterns)
21. Marshmallow (Hot chocolate after school in a cafe – end of term!)
22. Addressed envelope to the North Pole (write a letter to the big man)
23. Star shaped cutter (to make biscuits)
24. A jewel (to make a crown for Nativity at the church)

So.. as you can see lots of trips and activities.  Of course there is chocolate and chocolate coins are sooo Christmas aren’t they?  And Lego – there HAS to be Lego in this house.  I have had so much fun – I love this time of year.

I used a mix of brown paper and red & white striped paper from Ikea.  Tied them to a Silver Birch branch with bakers twine and hung it from our fireplace.  (The branch we found in the park, blown down in the recent storms).

You will notice not all the days are up there, I didn’t want it to seem too cluttered, so I will be adding to it as the weeks go by.

This is a vintage post – originally posted back in 2012 – I love it so much, and thought you might like it too.21

  • My brain ia awash with ideas…..but you did this post a little too late for my liking pet! I have less than 24 hrs to get mine off the ground! see ya….i’m out of here! x

  • Lou, you’ve outdone yourself here!! It’s brilliant. The kids will love it AND it looks stylish and very “you”. I hope your boys are enjoying it. I think it’s a perfect idea. xx

  • Looks lovely Lou, and the list of goodies is so thoughtful – I love the little clues to days out.

  • Wow what an excellent advent calendar. Lego is the best! – Annie

  • That’s unreal! Someone gave us a silly little advent calendar, and I pulled it out this morning, all excited, only to discover Olive had already gotten into it and opened up most of them! SO SNEAKY. Kellie xx

  • Wow, really great. Puts my teeny advent calendar to shame!! I will definitely do this when the little bean is older, so thoughtful and exciting : )
    Happy weekend xx

  • Love the branch idea … we do the same here albeit in a shop bought advent calender … I blogged about it today earlier … my photos aren’t nearly as pretty as yours though … hope the boys enjoy opening their gifts … Bee x

  • That looks gurt lush (to put it in Bristolian fashion)! What a brilliant idea – I sort of wish we had one now! Xxx

  • How brilliant is that! I do love an original twist on tradition. You’re boys are going to love this.

    Have a fab weekend,

    Nina x

  • That looks lovely and so Mich more exciting as a child I think. My mum bought my 3 moshi monsters chocolate advent calendars – Sigh! Oh well maybe next year!

  • Love your mini gifts Lou, and the packaging and the display it is all too cute! Wishing a super December to the whole team of your house!

  • Look amazing!!! I made one and can’t wait to see my son face, is our first advent calendar : )
    Have a great weekend!!

  • Yay your lucky boys!! Absolutely gorgeous – love the idea of putting tickets & clues for days out. Have told Max that next year I’m going to make one and he was keen so I’ll be referring back to this for inspiration! You’re such a great Mum. xx

  • Lou – this is amazing! Well done you. And the boys are going to have a fantastic advent, one they will surely never forget. Love it. But how on earth do you find the time to do all this…….? x

  • This is gorgeous Lou..! Such an awesome idea & much more fun than your bog standard advent calender x

  • Gorgeous! Lovely to have things that relate to Christmassy activities as well as chocolatey treats – such a good idea!

  • Lovely Lou! Well done – they will love it. Can’t wait for my Ted to be old enough to know he has to wait… That lot would be destroyed in 2 minutes if he got his hands on it ;)

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