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Look at this home, black and white is uber cool at the moment, isn't it?  Like this babes home.. super stylish.
This home Swedish home above is light, bright, clean and tidy.  Everything has room to breathe.  I am loving the copper lamp and the apple and pear print.  I LOVE copper at the moment.  I keep going back to that lamp in Habitat - I have no idea where it will go in the house, but I love it.


My friend Lottie has started a series of posts on her blog called 'Project Simplify'  - her and her hubby are BRAVE.  Clearing their entire home from top to bottom.  Lottie has inspired me to do something the same.

During the Christmas break, you know those 3 days between the festive fun, when you've eaten and drank too much and really need a project - then Dan and I are planning to sort out the home.

I am really starting to look at all corners of my space, trying to simplifying and use everything I own.
No longer hoard stuff just because it's there.  To love everything, and for everything to have a purpose be it useful or beautiful or sentimental (i.e kids drawings and certificates).

In my home storage is both the problem and the cure. There are many piles of boxes under the stairs or in my studio, without a proper place for it to go.  My plan is to go through the lot, systematically (like Lottie) and then provide storage (probably Ikea) to hide it all away!

Cannot wait.

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More images of this home here.


  1. Lovely house. Lottie has properly started a trend; this weekend we took everything out of Finn's room and sorted - only half went back. There was a bag for charity shop, a bag for the bin and two bags for a car boot sale he and his friend want to do next spring. He thinks he is going to earn a fortune!
    There will be more of the same next weekend...

    1. Ooh, I've never been a trendsetter before! Let alone a decluttering trendsetter. Glad you've been inspired though - it's a good feeling, no?

  2. Ah, thanks miss! Brave or a bit daft? Can't quite decide. I do know our house is not as beautiful as that lovely specimen!

  3. Oh I love that copper lamp from Habitat too - I saw it the other day in the Habitat section of Homebase (randomly!) and it is lovely. I've just bought a load of copper spray paint too and keep wondering around the house looking for things to spray! ha! Oh dear...
    I love the whole de-cluttering thing too. We've recently started doing this and it is so much more difficult that I thought it would be but definitely worth it. Good luck!

  4. Oh look at those olives- why don't my little olive trees have big fat fruit like that, I'm luck to get one! No matter how much I try and sort out my house I know it will never end up like that- I wonder if people really do live like that, it's just not possible with a fmaily, I swear! Good luck with you sorting x


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