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Nature in the home - a series...

Good day!
Today's nature in the home comes from the quite wonderful flickr pages of Brian Ferry.
I have had a love of affair with his photography for a long time.  And he does love to feature plants!
I have also had a long time love affair for succulents and cacti.
I always think of my mum when I look at Cacti - she hates them!  Teehee... I think they are beautiful, architectural and dangerous!  A great combination.
These weathered terracotta pots against this greeny/grey wall is just gorgeous.... a taste of the Mediterranean.


  1. Beautiful photograph. I love succulents! x

  2. I love cacti!! Especially the tall skinny ones, there's just something very striking about them. Love the pots too! x

  3. Blimey, I thought you were talking about THE Bryan Ferry. But you're not - I've just looked! Yes, I know what you mean about the pots and cactus combo. Lovely. xx

  4. Gorgeous. You've just reminded me I need more Cacti in my life...and terracotta pots. I also thought you meant THE Brian Ferry! What an amazing photographer x

  5. I like cacti too, but I am not so sure they like me... they never seem to last long in my hands! : )

  6. the four pots there look really good together! lovely picture. We tend to go for flowers and herbs for inside but my brother used to have a collection of cacti :-) x

  7. I have a renewed love of cactus after this Mexico trip ... although I can certainly attest to the dangerous part! I trod on one in bare feet .... OUCH. Kellie xx


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