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Nature in the home - a series...

This weeks Nature in the Home is the start of my Christmas collection.
Only 4 weeks til the big day and I am starting to think about decorations and bringing greenery into my little space.
Little is the word.  My home is tiny, so whatever I can squeeze in has to do the job without over powering everything else.  I still need to get into the kitchen without having a HUGE tree blocking the way! (a much heated debate in our home!).
I love this simple idea, above.  A gorgeous vintage Christmas cake tin, with a branch from the Christmas tree.  Moss and walnuts for decoration.  And to complete the look, one simple candle.
(Christmas pig?)


  1. oh' that image of the christmas tree in a vintage tin is one of my most fav's on pinterest...i had a very good, successful rummage at the market and found some lovely vintage decors...after the school run i picked up some lovely pinecones to sprinkle with glitter after school ;0)

  2. I love this idea ! so simple, pretty and economical too :)

  3. Fabby!! lovely picture, given me some ideas

  4. That might well happen on a table near me...

  5. That tin is just fab. Great, simple idea. x


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