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choosing our Christmas Tree... at the farm

My favourite part of Christmas is choosing our tree.  We have been going to a small farm, close to my parents home for the past 10 years.  Each time Dan and I reminisce on past years.  Of us as a new couple chopping down our first tree when we moved in together, to coming when I was pregnant, the following year coming with Charlie nearly one and then the year after with baby Rufus - and the many years after as a family  til we reach here and now.

I LOVE this holiday ritual... it is and always will be my favourite Christmas thing to do.

Sadly this will be the last year of this family tradition... the farm owner is stopping selling trees after this year. He is an old guy and it's getting too much for him.

We shall have to find somewhere new.

See our past Christmas tree expeditions over here (2010) and here (2011).


  1. Such lovely photographs! How sad that the farm is closing... At least you have all those trips documented :)

  2. How lovely and how sad too ... the end of an era ... now you just need to find another lovely tree farm to associate with happy memories :) ... Bee xx

  3. Lovely! It is a really nice tradition, the stuff of memories. We got the fake tree down from the loft which didn't have quite the same feel to it, but we did have fun decorating it (once I got the fairy lights to work). x

  4. Just went to choose a tree with my daughter after school today - it's such a lovely part of the festive season isn't it. Even if we nearly froze while we dithered! Your pics are lovely as ever.

  5. Ive been looking for a christmas tree farm like that near Bristol for weeks. Can you say where it is? or will that give the secret away?!


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