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Mid winter solstice...

Most people who talk about the darkest days of winter, welcome the Mid-Winter Solstice.
From now on we will be having slightly longer days... until the Mid-Summer Solstice in June.
(other way round in the Southern Hemisphere).
Solstice to me is a treasured time.
Candles are lit around the house.
The boys and I in the past have made solstice lanterns out of jam jars, tissue paper and tea-lights.
We spend the evening feasting on a big celebratory stew... with crusty bread.
Then toasting marshmallows on the fire.
Telling or reading stories and cuddling up on the sofa.
It is the only thing to do on the shortest, darkest day of the year.  I think I love it more than it's summer sister don't you?
Happy Solstice my lovely friends.

Past years of solstice are here.
Have a look at the curve of Venus - stunning!
Oh and last day of school!


  1. Gorgeous post Lou! Happy Solstice. x

  2. love that lou. it passes us by without a mention so it's lovely to hear of other people's traditions. i'm interested to know how you came to celebrate it... x

    1. My days hippying around the world... time passes by many a celebration. Full moon and solstice are always celebrated. I've decided to bring it into my family because the dark days can be gloomy and depressing. To say 'hey it's fine, I welcome you' turns this day on it's head. Something to look forward to - other than the mayhem of Christmas. x

    2. Love it Lou. And that you're a hippy at heart. X

  3. That is a lovely photo, and a really special post. I love that you make a point of celebrating the winter solstice, as it does get very overshadowed by Christmas. Enjoy your stew and festivities and I hope your kids get better soon. x

  4. Thanks Lou, I had completely forgotten it was the shortest day. This may explain why I have had the shortest fuse today! It can only get longer from here :)

  5. Oh I do - far nicer to all curl up and enjoy the Winter Solstice then find myself yawning and wishing for my bed in the Summer.

    Nina x

  6. This is one of those really comforting 'make you happy' posts Lou - thank you for bringing a little light everyone's way. Love the idea of celebrating the return of the light, that really is a lovely tradition.

  7. Aww, you make it sound so lovely! That's one thing I'll give this time of year when it's so dark that there's nothing better than sparkly lights and cosiness! Merry Christmas x

  8. I've never celebrated Winter Solstice before, but your version sounds lovely x


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