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Nature in the home - the Christmas Collection

image from here
Today's Nature in the Home is part two of my Christmas Collection.
It comes from the quite stunning and oh so stylish blog of An Magritte.  An Magritte lives in Norway with her family and her blog is a mix of uber stylish interiors, and great photography.  I LOVE her home.  Wish I could move in.
I think her place really comes to life around Christmas.  Her simple Nordic decorations are perfect, she just get's it right every time!
The image above is case in point.  An has simply teamed together a couple of copper stars, a branch off a fir tree, antlers artfully placed on the sill and pheasant plumes in the jar and the Pia Wallen rug on the bench gives us a hint of coldness beyond the window.- a Christmasy/Wintery scene that doesn't scream CHRISTMAS.  
Quiet and understated - simply gorgeous. 


  1. I began hauling in my found-evergreens yesterday, such a happy time of year! I am lucky enough to live opposite some woodland so I have unlimited access (I only take bits that have fallen down themselves, including ivy etc). BUT I sure get some funny looks by those who drive past me as i try to haul my evergreens AND guide my dog across the road safely - They're missing out!

    'Quiet and understated' is (hopefully) my approach this year! Thanks for the inspiration!

    I better head out and get some more, hope you're having a great week!


  2. Very understated and chic indeed, I love it. x


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