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planning on what to do..

I've been looking back at last years decorations.
Thinking of where things will go and what I need to get.
These images above are from last year.
As you can see - my home last year was handmade decorations and full on colour!
This time last year we had just re-decorated the lounge after having the log burner installed - ah best thing ever!
This year I am thinking of paler hues of white, grey and a bit of gold shimmer.
We will see - I know I don't have long at all.
But I could still pull it off!
I can't wait
More of our Christmas past can be found over here.
Have a lovely weekend!

p.s Happy Birthday my love! Enjoy your Christmas works do.  (on his birthday, hahah!)


  1. Love handmade decorations!

  2. I love the colourful Christmas you created last year. I made some of those paper decorations too, this year I'm going to make them in white and hang them in the window. I fancy a change this year too, I found lots of old glass baubles in a charity shop, so I think it will be quite a colourful Christmas here! x

  3. Fantastic decorations, I really like the tiny star garland, really cute!

  4. I love those decorations! I want to make some. Please tell me they were easy? x


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