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The best part of the day..

The best part of the day for me (other than seeing my boys smiling face in the playground at pick up)... is my first cup of tea upon waking.

I love tea.

I love the ritual.

The boiling of the water, the wait, the steam billowing up in the morning sunshine, the selection of your favourite mug, choosing which tea to have, the pour of the water, the timed brew, the sip...

ah ... that first sip.  It's bliss isn't it?

Nothing beats the relaxing therapy of tea... many a catastrophe, conversation, or story has been told over a good old cuppa.  My favourite all time favourite tipple is green tea.  I adore it.  High in anti-oxidants, good for my health and my skin.  It tastes so good, I dive in with every sip - it's comforting to me.

Just recently, I have tried fruit teas and herbal teas - with my attempt to live a more calmer, cleaner life.  One that is fuelled by my own energy and not relying on caffeine to help me get through!

Twinings have a wonderful range of herbal and fruit teas.  At the moment I am drinking their Morning Detox tea... a mix of Milk Thistle, tangy lemon rind, honey scented lime flowers and zesty lemon verbena.  It's bright and refreshing.  A perfect morning wake up.

What tea do you drink?
Are you tea bag dunker or a loose leaf tea potter?

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  1. It's got to be Yorkshire Tea, builder strength in my Bristol mug (my current favourite cup). x

  2. green tea and lemon here! sadly, with two babies, I'm a tea bag dunker...a brewing teapot is open to too many distractions!!!x

  3. Yorkshire Tea with hardly any milk, with a tonne of biscuits. Perfect x

  4. Twinings Lady Grey with the tea bag left in for me. I completely went off tea when I was pregnant - gutted! The day I started wanting a cuppa again wasa very happy one!

  5. I must admit, I'm more of an espresso drinker, but when I have tea I go all out - a glass tea pot and cup, loose leaves, slices of lemon and fresh mint and a tiny dribble of honey. Bliss.

    This photo is gorgeous, by the way :)

    Sar x

  6. I like a good strong coffee first thing... it's the best taste to wake up to and my man makes a good one. By mid-morning I'm on to tea, peppermint is my favourite, with a nice dollop of honey. Delicious & reviving too.

    When I went to Istanbul last year I learnt the art of making good fresh tea with loose leaves. I bought a beautiful copper teapot & little set of glass cups & saucers. They do some amazing flavours apple & pomegranate are particularly good. x

  7. very milky Earl everytime, of to make one now!

  8. I love Tea! Earl Grey black is my daily tipple.. never milk!

    I love fresh mint tea, white tea and green tea also.. I've also recently just re discovered hot Ribena .. nothing to do with tea but hot and oh so good.

  9. I love tea as well! I try to avoid caffeine so drink RedBush, sadly its teabags at the moment.
    I do love 'proper' tea but with 3 small children Im lucky if I get to drink my tea hot! Let alone finding the time to make a proper pot.
    I have been known to microwave tea in the past, when I have made a mug and then some toy emergency has taken over and I didnt even get a sip. But its not the same.

  10. that's a beautiful image. yes it's normal tea all day here, I used to be a bit healthier and drink the odd herbal and redbush tea, which actually is pretty good I think, it comes close to tea. Heather x

  11. I can't handle caffeine these days so tend to drink Redbush tea too. I go through phases of herbal - well more spiced teas I guess. I like the Pukka teas. That Twinnings Morning Detox sounds good though must try it.

  12. Green plus mint for me! And my cup I most look forward to is the mid-afternoon pause cup! x


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