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How are you doing?
No snow here in Bristol yet... I know a lot of people around the country have had some. The boys and I would LOVE a little to make a snowman in.  Come on January do your stuff!  Saying that the weather is very cold (possibly a bit too cold to snow!).

Today I helped with Rufus' class on their school trip to @Bristol - it was both immense fun and at the same time exhausting!  I was in charge of six 4/5 year olds... as they explored the science centre.  Talk about herding cats!

So I am home, cosied up now, ready for bed.  But first I wanted to show you this cosy, colourful home.
I LOVE that blue on the panelling on the walls - such a fresh, spring like colour.  Sometimes just a change of colour in the home brings in new energy to the space.
Lovely isn't it?

More images of this home can be found over here.


  1. Oh I so love that blue ... and the wall paper is gorgeous ... no snow here either ... my little ones would love some ... fingers crossed the winter brings some before spring ... Bee xx

  2. Oh those colours are gorgeous! What fabulous combinations! :-) x

  3. Such a lovely home! I love the child's room. x

  4. I love that it's colorful and playful but not cluttered. Pure and edgy - right up my alley! Great find.


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