Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers Author Film 2013 from Oliver Jeffers on Vimeo.

I possibly might love him.
My kids do, he is pretty great yes?
Here his books are the most requested at bed time, that and Julia Donaldson.
They are charming, funny and very very magical.
Every home needs one…

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  • We LOVE Oliver Jeffer’s books in the house. The adults and the kids. They are true classics. x

  • Great post! I watched ‘Lost and Found’ over Christmas on TV.(my two boys-and me- were mesmerised!!) I hadn’t realised there was a book! Am so excited and have gone and ordered three of his books!!

  • Ooh he’s lovely isn’t he…and rather handsome too! I love lost and found but haven’t read his books. I will get some for my sons birthday next month I think.

  • His books are very popular in our house too. Great to see that he really seems to love what he does! x

  • I want his life! I think I will enjoy his books even more now I’ve seen that video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dammit, I was going to blog this too – such a great video isn’t it. I love the sandwich hunting bit the best. I wish my kids liked his books more, for some reason they have never been fans. Annoyingly.

    I, on the other hand ….

  • Ted’s absolute favourite – he loves ‘How to Catch a Star’, ‘Lost and Found’, and ‘The Way Back Home’.

    What an awesome video {think I might very well love him too… shhhhh….}

  • Wow love this video thanks for sharing, I need to get more in the loop with childrens book illustrators!

  • Oh I love him too! Aren’t children’s books the best little pice of escapism sometimes! xxx

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